7 Tips to Decorate a Small Room

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How wonderful it is if you can have a big and spacious room! You can put practically anything that you want without having to worry about the space. Furthermore, you can move freely without worrying about hitting the furniture or stumbling over items strewn on the floor. But not all of us are fortunate to live in a big spacious room. Most have to content with small living spaces. Therefore, it’s imperative that you find ways to use the space that you have when decorating your home. Living in a home with small spaces doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate these spaces as elegantly as if you’re living in a big house. Here are 7 tips that can help you make your small living spaces seem bigger that they actually are.

1. Use soft pastel colors to paint your home

Bright, warm and cheery colors can really make a house feel comfortable and beautiful but the down side to this is that these colors can make your living spaces appear smaller. Try using soft, light and pastel colors like creamy white, pale grey and sky blue. These colors can make even the smallest spaces appear bigger that they actually are.

2. Use multi-functional furniture
Avoid cluttering your living spaces with too many stand-alone furniture. Acquire furniture that are multi-functional. An example is a sofa bed. It doubles as a bed and a sofa so you don’t need to buy two separate furniture for sleeping and for sitting. You might also consider buying furniture that can be used as a storage unit, for example an ottoman that can double as a seat as well as for storing your knicks and knacks.

3. Use mirrors
The clever use of mirrors can make a small space appear bigger. You can purchase a wardrobe that has mirrors on the outer doors and place it in your bedroom and you will be amazed at how the illusion of larger space is reproduced by the mirror.

4. Buy small furniture
Don’t be tempted by that huge sofa or the king size bed. Yes, they look so comfortable but they will take up space. Try to find small furniture that will not take up so much space. For example, get a bed without the divan and if you need storage, get drawers that you can hide underneath your bed.

5. Have only that one big furniture in that small room
If you really want to have a big bed, have just that big bed in your room and nothing else. This way your room will not appear too cluttered. Don’t put too many big furniture in one room. One is enough and the rest of the furniture can be placed in other rooms or you can get very small furniture for your room.

6. Choice of curtains

Your choice of curtains can greatly affect how your rooms are perceived. Preferably, get curtains that are not heavy. Lace curtains are best because these will let in the sun into your room and give the illusion of space. Dark, heavy curtains will cause your room to be dark and make your room appear smaller than it already is. You should also hang your curtains way up high in order to achieve the illusion of height and space.

7. Add dark tone to your ceiling

You will be amazed at how a dark ceiling can make your room appear larger and spacious. Unlike the color you choose for the walls of your rooms, the dark color tone for your ceiling can give the illusion of height and therefore make your rooms appear bigger.

It’s amazing that with just a little adjustment here and there, you can make your small rooms appear bigger. If you like decorating your house and want to find items that will make your home more beautiful, get inspired and visit us at

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